Everett made 3/5 of the baskets he shot.Suppose he shot 60 baskets.How many did he make

Suppose he had 60 baskets.
Asked Oct 18, 2017

You for no reason that they will not refund you even if it is not your fault They want to steal your cashFor bringing maple that is present into this Additionally sorry all the way from v if they introduced monster cards into the matchthe best PQs were LPQ dimensional crack in ludi LMPQ ludi maze also KPQ first time together in

kerning then there was that the meta tag we still use now RnJ at the time that I had been at a guild that would run the two chief bosses for the time Lord Balrog and Zakum horntail I believe was about at the time but we didnt have enough power at the moment therefore there were no carries because of him the EXP and Meso gains were

rather forgettable especially coming in pitiful amounts on ordinary maps that is was less rewarding to be outside of a celebration pursuitThe economics werent as crazy as it is today but it was still pretty steep pricing for most items I was introduced to the free marketplace by one of my guildmates at that moment and I even tried

selling items myself but unfortunately I could not find a spot where I could advertise my item and I couldnt buy a merch booth eventually my guildmate chose to pay me a half of the items worth and hed sell it for me it was actually a good deal for both people in the end since we both made a profit off of the itemWhat I would like to

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Answered Mar 10, 2019

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