So, theres this girl.

...and I really like her she is my great friend what do I do?
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Asked Oct 13, 2017
Here's my advice on girls: (coming from a pan girl)
The main idea is on how you approach the situation. How you approach the situation should be depended on by what type of person she is or what type of hobbies she is into. Now, I mean no hate towards her, but stereotypes are very important here.
Regardless of that, you don't want to be in the friend zone but you do want to respect her. The strategy that I sometimes use with this one girl is joking about dating them to get the topic in her mind. She'll eventually start taking that seriously and she'll try to see if you're really interested. Now, this is the part where you really need to be a little over the top respectful towards her. She'll take your acts of kindness as not just a friendly thing. Whenever I see that one girl at like a formal event or something when she looks very formal, I say things like, "Wow, you look absolutely stunning." Try to use words like stunning, gorgeous, and incredible instead of great, pretty good, and awesome. Now, the word "pretty" might have the biggest impact and this is why: Girls don't know when guys are lovestruck and if you're this far in the friend zone this won't be weird. Now, you want to have a tone in your voice and a look on your face that says, "SHOOK" I am aware that these methods seem like someone would be taking it too far, but when in the friend zone, girls never know. Don't be afraid to say such heartfelt things about her. If you know that what you say is true, she will love that.
Answered Apr 08, 2019
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Answered May 18, 2019

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