[sexual question] how did "you popped my cherry" come to mean what it means?

I understand its sexual implications, but whyyyyyyyyy?!? How does a cherry correlate to... that?! I keep hearing it, but how did that saying come into context? I have become genuinely intrigued in learning of its origin. Like, did someone just have sex for the first time, and the first thing that comes to mind is, "Oh! I think my vagina popped like a cherry!!" ....How does a cherry even pop? How does a vagina pop???!!??!?!?!
Asked Oct 01, 2017
When the vagina is penetrated, the hymen (a membrane that partially closes the opening of the vagina) is torn. There is [usually] some blood, depending on the person it could just be a couple of drops, or considerably more.
If you squeeze a cherry the skin will tear, and a little juice will spill out. This juice really does look like blood. It is a pretty clean description for something that is actually (quite often) messy and painful.
"we had sex, my hymen was ripped open and I bled on my new sheets"
"he popped my cherry on my new sheets" ?

Answered Oct 01, 2017

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