What's a realisticfiction reason why government overthrown byits citizens had such strict unfair law

The governent has rules like no runing water ,electricty,no internet, andno going outside past 5.The reason has tobelogical uthurt the citizens in a way my paper rough draft has tobe completeby Sunday, so even if it is a weak reason I canexpand on it, plese I am desperat for your help.
Asked Sep 30, 2017
Governments are usually overthrown in a military effort-even if it's driven by the citizens there is usually some sort of military leader involved. In a situation like yours citizens could have pulled together a rebellion with some kind of military group and once the military group took over the government they turned on the people. It would have to be violent to work. Or there would have to be some kind of science fiction element-your basic futuristic utopian society could work like The Giver or Hunger Games. These policies were introduced gradually as a response to security risks and people believed at first that the government was working in their favor and by the time they realized that it was oppressive it was too hard to get rid of. Just spit-balling a couple of ideas for you...use them how you want.
Answered Oct 01, 2017

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