Neighbors dogs aggressive? Neighborhood lives in fear. Help!

Okay so my neighbor lives a few doors down and has two MASSIVE attack dogs, one huge german shepard and one huge pitbull that each weigh at least 70 pounds. He walks them both toghter AT THE SAME TIME, which is stupid and dangerous to say the least, on short leashes, but anyway they are trained to ATTACK other dogs. I have to take my 7 year old brittany to the other side of the street when they walk by, and they both pulling and lunging at us, growling and barking, the pitbull is drooling, it's a horrifying experience and they owner guy drags them back and only says a feeble "no!" the dogs don't lunge at people or kids, but whenever they are NEAR another animal they go into attack mode. The owner is nice and always says hi, and is a pretty muscluar guy that can handle them but it's getting pretty annoying to have to fear for my dogs life whenever he's around. On top of THAT I'm getting a new puppie next week! what should I do? I thought maybe I'd leave a note in his mailbox saying "If those dogs lunge at me again I'll pull out my pisto and" and blah blah blah. Something like that? a anonymous letter? to scare him off walking his dogs in the afternoon when everyone's out? Thanks!
Asked Sep 02, 2017
Genetics, health, age, sex, fear, an imbalance of brain chemicals, hormones, and whether the dog is intact which causes aggression. It is important to keep things positive. Punishing your dog for aggressive behavior can make more aggressive. So, in my point of view give some time to your dogs behave properly. Get helpful tips from here:
Answered Mar 29, 2018

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