Is there anyway to work around the city ordnance of spray or neutered dogs who habe been caught 3 ti

My two dogs have gotten out 3 times and in iowa they have a law that states if the animal has been loose 3 times they will spray or neuter the animal. I want to knkw if there is a work around for this. Because my dog is getting out because they are use to living in the country not because they want to reproduce.
Asked Sep 01, 2017
It's BEST to have your dog spayed/neutered, they do it for a REASON.
Here's why they do it to male dogs:
1) male dogs often run off looking for mate's, and get hit by cars
2) male dogs "mark" and spray pee on such surfaces as your wall or bed
3) male dogs can be VERY aggressive and territorial if they are not fixed due to horomones
4) it eliminates the chances of testicular cancer
5) male unneutered dogs will hump
Here's why they do it to female dogs:
1) female dogs in heat will get out to look for mates
2) female dogs in heat will hump
3) to eliminate chances of cancer

In REALITY, your dogs ARE getting out to look for mates, this is DANGEROUS and irrsponibal of you, they could get hit by a car, stolen, or become pregnant with unwanted puppie and/or pregnate someone else's dogs.
Let the county nueter your animals, their doing you a favor!
Answered Sep 02, 2017

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