My parents lied about my dad having a child and another marriage

I'm the eldest of my family and over twenty years old and just learned that my dad was previously married and had a child. I saw w Facebook post of someone asking my dad on how his son was doing. I questioned my mom and she said they got barely married because of it. Said the whole situation with the mother was bad and they ended up not taking the kid anymore. Idk I just feel really lied to and betrayed. My dad later did not even say a word about it and talk to me about it. I lost a lot of respect for him and don't know why they had to lie so long about it.
Asked Aug 28, 2017
First of all you know the Bible says you have to honor your mother and your father. For what ever reason they lied, hid this, other what ever reason, they obviously are ashamed. I am sure they are not trying to hurt you because you are their child and they love you. You have enough to contend with in this world besides feeling ill treatments toward your parents over something like this. I am sure all of us have lied about something and hid something from someone we love. Please don't let something like this ruin your relationship with your parents. The end of the day you need their love and they need yours. They are your parents and that is their choice. Sorry it's hurts you but focus on some other problem that you have the power to control and you will be happier.

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