If she likes me

A few months ago I met a girl from my institute thanks to a trip to Paris. Passing the days I started to like but I did not tell her, but as we got back from the trip in the bus we started to play truthfully or through and she asked me who I liked but I did not tell her, but I did tell my friend. When I returned home she asked me again and I told her that I like her and she told me that she did not like it and that she did not like girls either, she was also a lie and she confessed to me after a month or two and she liked her Best friend but it was not the same as before and she was confused by the things her friend and I said to her, but I did not understand it until one of her best friends told me after one month that since the day I told her that I liked it was scratching and it appeals to you now that 4 months have passed I almost stay with my friends and she with theirs but she always tells me I saw you or things like why you did not greet me or when I upload a photo with a girl asks me Who is or tells me if I go to such a party and whenever we see each other at the parties thanks to a friend in common she calls her on the phone to know where we are and so she can come and when she joins us for a while she does not hug me but Looks at me a lot too when talking to other people and looks me in the eyes and Smile is a good sign? The other day for example I got into the direct of her friend in instagram and I wonder, such has gotten yourself in the direct of this person? And I put it if, she answered me ok, but in my direct you did not get in and I really did. Also she answers the stories or she talks to me every day. Can someone tell me if that is good? What I can do? And sorry for my english
Asked Aug 16, 2017
Just go for it and ask her if she likes you again. Also can you please answer my question that's at the very top of the gay lesbian and bisexual section cause I need some help too thx
Answered Sep 02, 2017
Also if she looks you in the eyes and smiles then she totally likes you. It's all in the body language and that's the body language

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