I think she has a crush on me, what do you think?

anyway she is a female coworker, same age as me. ive always thought she was gay, she doesn't come off as straight 2 me..now I don't speak 2 anyone here...but she will make a special effort 2 make convo with me and if Im lookin at something on my comp, she'll come by me closely and just be cheesin and griinnin....and shell say what are you lookin at in this weird playful voice....or she'll peek around the corner while im at my desk and say hi....she is always extra happy 2 be around me....I think she is gay and has a crush on me...ive been hit on women before and ive been threatened by them too cuz I don't deal/like with chics....this woman's happiness is over extended around me, she loves standing near me, but she'll stay apart from the other chics at my job...and she isn't playful with my other coworkers....while ive been hit on and bluntly approached by women, I am not gay by any means....is there a way I can stop this...should I say something, just leave it alone and accept the fact that women find me attractive and there's nothing I can do about it but accept it....? thanks for any advice

Asked Aug 15, 2017
Edited Aug 15, 2017

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