Landlord says dog needs to be at least 6 mo. old (he's not). Worth lying? Details below

The housing community that I rent from allows pets (two per apartment with breed/weight restrictions). They say for dogs, that they can be puppies, as long as they're 6 months or older, and that they must be current on shots, especially rabies. I am adopting a two month old pug puppy this weekend (he's already been paid for). He is current on his first set of shots, but cannot have rabies until 12-16 weeks. (The vets prefer 16 weeks, but my vet said she's willing to do it at 12). He will be indoor only, even with going potty. So he won't have contact with other dogs. I spoke to my landlord (didn't mention the age), and let her know I was planning on getting a pug this week, and that it's current on it's shots (he is), and that it is scheduled with the vet to have the rabies shot (and next set of shots) next month. She said that as long as I had a note from the vet saying when it was scheduled, that I was fine to have it now. The only issue is the age. It's four months younger than what is technically allowed. Do puppies change/grow much in those few months? Could I get away with saying he's 5 or 6 months and just on the "small side"? Could I say hes a mini/micro/teacup pug? (They're not common, but do exist). Pugs are extremely hard to come across where I live, and this was the most opportune time to get it. Suggestions, please?
Asked Aug 07, 2017
lie about it. And if he ever find out, you can get ANY dog registered as a "therapy animal" for about 60 bucks, which makes it ILLIGAL for a landlord to kick it out.
Answered Sep 02, 2017

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