What's he really want?

Dating a really nice man for a year. Everything was going really well, until about a few months ago when his work changed. He has two jobs, one at night from 9 p.m. til 6 a.m., 5 dsys a week, then sleeps a few hours before working 2nd job from about 2p.m. to 8p.m. and goes right back to night job for about 90 hours a week between them. He pays child support for four children and owes $6,700 in back child support, due to shoulder injury and surgery about 2 years ago. In June, I went to his family reunion with him and things seemed to have changed even more, afterwards. Now he's requesting time and space to figure out things and decide his next move. He's told me he loves me and wants me to be his wife someday, but for now, I hardly hear from him and when I do, he never says he loves me anymore and when I ask about where we stand, his response is, "It's complicated" and leaves it at that. He says we're not over, but hasn't said we're still a couple, either. I'm respecting his request, and he contacts me, briefly, every once in awhile, but we dont talk about what we used to. Last I heard anything was three days ago. This is a totally different situation for me. I'm used to things being more cut and dry, black or white. I don't like being left dangling. What are your thoughts on this,?
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Asked Jul 26, 2017
Edited Jul 26, 2017

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