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Asked Jul 23, 2017
If you constantly need the assistance of a hacker that will on your behalf handle your hacking business ranging from spying, cracking and crashing, retrieving, remotely obtain data with out touching the device, upgrade poor school grade, infiltration of websites, bank jobs etc.
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Zahara8 Jul 11, 2018
Hire from emergencytrack8 at g mail dot com for all forms of hacking. Stop being scammed by fake
hackers. Spy on cheating spouses (emails and mobile phone)/ Change
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investigations/ All forms of social media hacks
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Need an hacker for generalized hack?? Catch a cheating spouse, change school grades, get test/exam questions in advance, e-mail hack,Facebook hack, phone mobile hack, credit hack, spyware software, clear criminal records, database hack, server security penetration or any hack related job of any kind (ethical or unethical). My years of professional experience and good-rating/credibility speaks volume.

warren8 Jul 11, 2018
Hi. We are a TEAM of hackers called MEGA HACK and we offer hacking services for everyone. Some of our services are:

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- Hacking courses and classes.

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Answered Dec 02, 2018
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Answered Dec 02, 2018
I have been hearing a lot about these credit assistance company, and how they have actually helped people fix their credit score and clear their debts too, although I was a bit skeptical about trying them because of the fear of scammers, but then again my credit score was at 315, and I didn’t have anything to lose and so I gave them a try, I was shocking enough that in less than a week they improved my credit score to 680 and since then it has been going up, right now im on 780, they also cleared my debts too, and they also taughtme how to keep my credit score up too, so why not give them a try rather than waste time and watch your credit go bad the more, you can email them at, and they would get right with you, thank me later
Answered Dec 08, 2018
No, if anyone need contact sat
Answered Dec 08, 2018

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Answered Dec 12, 2018
I have used for a very long time till yesterday I wanted to rent a house through an online site before I went on with the whole thing I contacted my hacker (jeajamhacker) First to know if the whole thing was legit, and after all the hacker hacked into the owner of the house phone without the person knowing about the hack and after this was done my hacker granted me access to the owner of the house cell phone and I saw his ID card also his email. I saw so many things that's shows he is the real owner of the house. please don't fall into wrong hands JEAJAMHACKER@GMAIL.COM is the real deal when it comes to hacking of phones and you wont regret knowing him cause I never also regret

Answered Dec 14, 2018
Did you lost your password of any account.. then here need a professional hacker..!
The term 'hacker' and you will no doubt conjure up an image of a criminal with a laptop, or perhaps it gets you thinking of the many stories about high profile hacking incidents. But, the term is also used for those who seek to do good.
You can even become one as a profession if you want to break into systems, open up encrypted files and gain access to an organisation via the web, all without being arrested in the process.
Assuming you have got this far and still want to enter the world of hacking..!
Answered Dec 14, 2018

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Answered Jan 22, 2019
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Answered Apr 01, 2019
I’m a Certified Hacking and Security (CHS) Expert, . You can contact me on daviesmicheal6 if you need urgent access to a cheating partners’ phone, text messages, facebook account, whatsapp account, email accounts and any other social media accounts
Answered Apr 01, 2019

I just want to share my experience with everyone. I have being hearing about this blank ATM card for a while and I never really paid any interest to it because of my doubts. Until one day I discovered a hacking guy dickson. he is really good at what he is doing. Back to the point, I inquired about The Blank ATM Card. If it works or even Exist. They told me Yes and that its a card programmed for only money withdraws without being noticed and can also be used for free online purchases of any kind. This was shocking and I still had my doubts. Then I gave it a try and asked for the card and agreed to their terms and conditions.. Four days later I received my card and tried with the closest ATM machine close to me, to my greatest surprise It worked like magic. I was able to withdraw up to $2,000 daily. ATM has really change my life. If you want to contact them, Here is the email address:
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My husband was so smooth at hiding his infidelity and I had no proof for months, I saw a recommendation about a Private investigator and decided to give him a try.. the result was incredible because all my cheating husbands text messages, whatsapp, facebook and his iphone conversations was sent directly to my Personal computer. Mr James helped me put a round-the-clock monitoring on him and I got concrete evidence and gave it to my lawyer..I say no to infidelity if your husband is an expert at hiding his cheating adventures contact him through Gmail he will help you(Worldcyberhackers) or WhatsApp : +12678773020
Answered May 08, 2019
My name is Ivano Stincardini and am from Italy. Though I have been wondering if this hack really works in my country Italy so I contacted DARKHATTHACKER@GMAIL.COM after contacting this hacker I also worked with him. Cause I noticed my daughter of 10 years old is really changing and doing things that adults does, I was not really comfortable with what I was seeing in my daughter and also I didn’t want to embarrass her by collecting her phone. so I had to do it underground with the help of DARKHATTHACKER@GMAIL.COM. after all was done I had access to my daughters phone and I saw a lot of porn videos which her male friend of 13 years do send to her. I was not happy at all but you all should know this today thatDARKHATTHACKER@GMAIL.COM. is the best. If not for him I would have lost all informations.
Answered May 15, 2019
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All I have is my daughter in this life. Her mum has chosen the best part for her self so I had to let her go. I caught her cheating on me with the very help of JEAJAMHACKER@GMAIL.COM and since then she has been lying to me and my daughter that I was accusing her wrongly. then I brought all the proof I have, ranging from her ( whatsapp messages, text messages, facebook, deleted text messages.) and many more then I presented all proof to my wife parent and they saw all. Thanks to JEAJAMHACKER@GMAIL.COM
Answered May 21, 2019
DARKHATTHACKER@GMAIL.COM is the best I swear with my life and karma. If not because of this hacker I would never know that my husband has 2 kids out side for another woman.
Answered May 21, 2019
Have been burned so many times by fake hackers. till I got the real one DARKHATTHACKER@GMAIL.COM who was able to give me all the info about my spouse which the others where not able to do. And I also made a promise to DARKHATTHACKER@GMAIL.COM that if the job was successful I will write good reviews about his work. believe you me DARKHATTHACKER@GMAIL.COM is the real deal. I got my spouse phone hacked and sent to me in the space of 4 hours I was already reading my spouse messages and all right on my phone.
Answered May 30, 2019
contact our team of online hacker we maintain the highest standards while providing you.with the solutions you need. we can handle any hacking request that you might have.our goal is to provide excellent customer service while adhering to professional and ethical standards.
Answered Jun 07, 2019
Please I want all of you to help me in thanking SPYEXPERT0@GMAIL.COM for the help in changing my bad grades to a very excellent grade. I must say this hacker is very perfect at his job and also affordable. Thanks a lot
Answered Jun 08, 2019
i just want to say thank you to ( for a wonderful hack he did for me in the space of 3hours without any trace that a hack was done. just want to say a big thank you. more jobs loading for you (
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If you don’t believe in the power of hackers you have to believe this now. Hackers are real I just used a service of a hacker called JEAJAMHACKER@GMAIL.COM and he was awesome at his job. Thanks
Answered Jun 10, 2019
Everyone knows the best hacking services out there are offered by Nez. You can try him and thank me later. No games whatsoever
Answered Jun 10, 2019
I believed my husband has been cheating all throughout my pregnancy and having a secret affair that he wont admit to so I decided to proof my husband wrong and show him I know about everything that has been going on but I only needed proof. so I contacted RUSSIANCYBERHACKERS@GMAIL.COM who was able to get me results of all my husband text messages, call logs, whatsapp, facebook and many more. I got all informations of my husband phone on my cell phone and saw that really he was cheating, I showed him I had access to his phone with the help of a hacker, from that point he changed and stop all secret affairs he has been having with other women. RUSSIANCYBERHACKERS@GMAIL.COM are really the best and they saved my marriage. Thanks
Answered Jun 10, 2019
My friend has been coming to my house lately on and on unlike before some times I would come back from work and meet him in my house with my wife talking to each other but I didn’t notice anything was between them as he clams to come wait for me after work. But I wanted to get somethings right so I emailed RUSSIANCYBERHACKERS@GMAIL.COM if what I was thinking was what was happening and behold my thought was right, RUSSIANCYBERHACKERS@GMAIL.COM helped me in hacking my wife phone and also my friend phone also. I was able to read both messages ranging from there text messages, call logs and also deleted text messages from the past 6months and I was shocked cause this has been going on under my noise for the past 5months and I never got to know, they where always meeting at the hotel until now that I got to notice things for my self. Please guys do not trust friends try to take them out of your marriage or relationships cause they can be a back stabber to you. Thank you RUSSIANCYBERHACKERS@GMAIL.COM
Answered Jun 11, 2019
I came up here to testify of the wonderful work RUSSIANCYBERHACKERS@GMAIL.COM had done for me though I have passed through 5 hackers and they did nothing for me until I saw this faithful hacker. well straight to my point I had bad credit scores and also my wife has been seeing her boss lately this has been going on since last year, have been feeling so bad that I felt like taking my life but I decided to try one more time on another hacker and behold after my contact with RUSSIANCYBERHACKERS@GMAIL.COM my bad and poor credit scores where fixed in less than 3 hours and also my wife phone was hacked and I had access to her phone on my iPhone 7, now my divorce with her is made very easy with a lot of proof. Thanks to a great hacker.
Answered Jun 13, 2019 is the best and wonderful. thanks for a great work you planted for me now I can monitor my husband movement without stress, I watch all his moves right on my phone, am so happy cause I have been longing for this and now did it for me at a cheap price thanks a lot
Answered Jun 13, 2019
I thank God I came in contact with DARKHATTHACKER@GMAIL.COM and since then I have seen great changes in my spouse.
Answered Jun 14, 2019

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