Wife right over husband's property

Wife wants to possess her rightful share in a joint property from non-cooperating husband. Can she legally acquire her share even if the husband (joint owner) is not willing to consent the division. If so, what is the procedure ? And approx. what is the time period required for this to happen, if the documents are right and perfect ?
Asked Jul 07, 2017
If it is in both Husband & Wife name jointly and was funded by both for acquiring, then they can partition their exclusive share through suit for partition. Consult lawyer.
Answered Jul 07, 2017
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Answered Jan 19, 2018
The Married Women's Property Acts are laws enacted by the individual states of the United States beginning in 1839. Unless there is a Court Order or Agreement that provides otherwise, both spouses have a right under the law to live in the matrimonial home, even if one of them is not a registered owner of the home. However, as each situation is unique and legal advice differs on the facts, you should contact a lawyer to know for certain your rights and responsibilities and what you can expect in your particular circumstances. https://www.lawyerland.com/lawyers/law-firms/estate-planning/probate/new-york-city/ny/
Answered Apr 06, 2018
Think about your estate plan as a giant puzzle. As you go through life, you acquire pieces to the puzzle, and only you know what the big picture looks like. After you pass away, your family and loved ones are now tasked with putting that puzzle together the way you envisioned. An estate plan is like giving them the picture on the outside of the box and instructions on how to put it together piece by piece. The more planning you do, the easier your puzzle becomes. If you don’t plan your estate, you might as well leave your family a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle of the sky on a clear day.
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Answered Jul 19, 2018

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