Should I buy a pet Rabbit? or is it not a good idea?

In the past few weeks I've watched lots of videos about rabbits as pets so I know that owning one is a huge responsibility but I think I can take care of one! I have space in my room for a cage big enough for a medium sized rabbit, is that a good idea?

I also own 3 adult cats and 1 kitten, one of them is mostly out but.. could a new rabbit and my cats get along if they are introduced correctly? Or should my rabbit only roam around my room and not the rest of my house?

I also have a nice garden where the rabbit can hop around freely too, I'd like to spend time out there with a rabbit and perhaps other places as well

I'm 18 years old, got a job/money, and got time for a rabbit

I'm mostly concerned about how the cats will react! And if it's a good idea to buy a brand new pet for myself. (I mostly want a bunny to keep me company in my room and because of their behaviour, they are pretty interesting and I just would like to take care of an animal I haven't had since I was 4 years old)
Asked Jul 03, 2017
Assuming your cats are domesticated and disciplined, as long as you keep the rabbit under some sort of supervision, then it should be safe. I've never had a cat, my parents are both allergic, but judging by my knowledge of animals and their behavior, it should be fine, and maybe you could try to make them friends. However you shouldn't let it freely roam the outdoors, it can get swooped up by a bird at any moment.
Answered Jul 05, 2017

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