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Asked Jul 03, 2017
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Answered Jul 03, 2017
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Answered Jul 03, 2017
In theory, people who try to breach computer security should be called crackers rather than hackers. But the popular press has lost the distinction between the two, and I'm not going to make life difficult by trying to resurrect it.

So, hackers, as popularly defined, are computer experts who spend enormous amounts of time trying to breach the security of networks, Web servers and email servers. Usually they use a selection of specialist software to identify weaknesses, which are then exploited.

The majority do it for fun and as a challenge. The problem is that serious hackers, need to protect our anonymity. This means they can't mount their attacks on organisations like the FBI directly through their own computers and telephone lines. They need first to create an intermediary, like a kind of base camp for a mountain expedition.

To get their intermediate base they use purpose built programs called Trojans and backdoors and other self created softwares. A trojan is a program that looks innocent but carries a dangerous payload, like the Trojan Horse of Greek mythology. It may be disguised as a game or some other kind of executable program, in the same way that viruses are often disguised.The payload it carries is a backdoor program (or maybe just a few lines of code that create a security hole so a backdoor program to be installed later). A backdoor program allows the hacker access to your computer whenever it's on the Internet. It's a remote control, and usually a very thorough one with full access to every facility and file on your computer.

Again, in the popular press the distinction between a trojan and a backdoor (or more specifically the client element of a backdoor program) has been lost and the two are often used interchangeably.

Don't rely on secure procedures as a method of stopping hackers. They sometimes fire programs over the Internet at a random IP addresses to see if they stick. You could be happily surfing Disneyland, and from nowhere (certainly not the Web site server) a hacking program can turn up at your machine trying to get in.

Once it's inside, it will send a message back to the hacker to say it's colonized your computer. It may also send a message each time you log on to the Internet, because it's likely you'll be given a different IP address by your ISP each time you log on....

it is not all illegal. If you wish to contact a 'black hat' hacker,😊
Answered Jul 10, 2017
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I am so sorry guys for not including my name while writing this for security oppose because of my estranged husband whom just filed our divorce papers without my consent if not for the help of my friend in Mexico whom I discussed about it with then she introduced me to a hacker. He hacked all our banks account and cell phone emails which he uses in receiving alert. Please I know a lot of people are going through this mess in the world but if you happen to see this message do not hesitate to contact this very kind heartened hacker that changed my life. I don’t know if he does any other type of hacking but when it comes to cell phone hacking, banks account hacking and email hacking get in touch with him as soon as possible and get a quick reply.
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Answered Aug 15, 2017
i know a EC council certified hacker, that speaks for itself. Reach out to him for any hack related exploit and he will write you a quote within 24hours alongside details on mode of operation.
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It does not benefit one"
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Answered Aug 23, 2017
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Answered Sep 25, 2017
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Answered Oct 24, 2017
After too many disappointments with hackers. O my God I still can believe the world still have legit hackers like this out there. I came across Sabina Roman’s post on a blog where she talked about a hacker whom helped her out with a bank hack so I contacted him to see if its truth because of my experience with some hackers that I had to stop looking for a hacker until I saw the post and I decided to try for the last time. its actually impossible to put in words how much of a Genius he is and also can't stop thanking him for helping me through my divorce case because I needed to hack into my husband’s telephone to get some proof before going for the bank hacking .Jonny Belter is a Black-hat hacker and very capable of any type of hack in the hacking world as they call it. He is actually one of the best out there and also very good to understand what so ever you are going through, in my own case the money wasn't the problem and I can gladly say every money spent was so worth it. I made a promise to him that I must tell the world of his good works and if you are interested in any type of hacking jobs you can contact him through his email hackwithjonny-AT-gmail-DOT-com and please tell him Amanda Josh told you about his good works and I keep saying thank you Jonny belter and God bless you for everything.
Answered Oct 25, 2017
I've just used this group of hackers services and they are legit hackers, they can handle social network hacks, emails and school grade hacks, they're actually the real deal, I was initially skeptical as I already got scammed before but they did come through, email triplexhackxxxgmailcom

Answered Nov 30, 2017
Ya, if you want to know something that is hidden in the internet world then you need a hacker. Every big tech company have their hacker team and the job of the team is to hack other competitor's network to know about their future release or their business plan.
Answered Nov 30, 2017

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