What are your top 10 anime series?

I am looking new good anime to watch, so I want to know what everyone's top 10 and/or worse is(or more if you want).I haven't seen a whole lot of anime, but here is my list for now:

1.Death Note - Because it's ******* epic!
2.Blood+ - What's not to like? Chiropterans, Chevaliers, action, love story, just awesomeness.
3.Serial Experiments Lain - One of the first good animes I ever watched.
4.Elfen Lied - Something totally different from most animes. I just wish it wasn't so short.
5.Bleach - I can't help it, I think it's awesome! minus a lot of the filler episodes anyway. and the movies are good too!
6.Ghost in the Shell SAC & 2nd Gig- Great scifi anime and movies.
7.Outlaw Star - In my opinion this is the best space pirate anime of all time!
8.Cowboy Bebop - 2nd best except that their bounty hunters, not pirates.
9.FLCL - Crazy but good.
10.Lupin the III- I just love the silliness!

Now for my worst, I don't think I have 10 but these are the ones I just can't stand to watch(some I know I'll get yelled at for)
1.The entire DBZ series - Worst anime EVER! I don't know how anyone could like that piece of **** anime after watching just about anything else.
2.Naruto - I know your all going to yell at me for saying it, but I really think this show is lame! It's way too juvenile for me, and I just couldn't get into it.
3.Planet of the Beast King - This series started off really good, but then they ruined it when they skipped a massive amount of time in the series, and left way too many questions unanswered. I couldn't even finish watching it because I was so disappointed.
4.Inyuasha - What a stupid anime! It just drags on forever and then it cuts off, stupid.
5. Yu gi oh and the likes - Just terrible, I'll admit to watching the original Pokemon when I was like 12 but that was before I knew what good anime was.

Asked Jun 29, 2017

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