Why does my face always swell?

So I always have facial swelling around my mouth+cheek area and it's driving me crazy. I'm a 20 yr old female and was born with bladder extrophy (exposure of bladder at birth) and have always had bladder kidney problems. I've seen so many doctors but none can seem to work it out. I've ruled out allergic reactions and have had tests done and always had good results but I've never been allergic to anything either way. I've had all my organs+bloods etc check and everything's come back very positive. Usually when my face swells badly it's after I eat and I'm a vegan also (I get enough protein and iron) I am fit and exercise almost everyday. I've even tried not exercising and eating badly but it just makes it worse. The swelling takes at least 2–3 weeks to reduce if I haven't eaten anything high in sodium. I'm so tired of looking in the mirror and looking like I'm already aging it's make me so insecure I don't go out anymore I isolate myself and only go to work. I've gotten to the point where I'm going to get cosmetic surgery it's making me feel that awful. I need answers I don't want to be like this anymore.
Asked Jun 26, 2017

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