Finally revealed who pissed on sartaukh ka alawa and why I got punished for not doing sin?

finally revealed who pissed on sartaukh ka alawa and why I got punished for not doing sin ?

i really mean it because according to god and any gods if some spirit keeps head in jail and forces him to sin like doing piss on sartuakh ka alawa or any other sin then its sin of the spirit and on sartaukh ka alawa piss was done by imam hussain and imam hussain genie keeps his genie inside me and sartaukh ka alawa genies gets warning from me and comes to know I pissed and sinned and sartaukh ka alawa took my property my beautiness and health and whatever until now I dont know but all gods knows better.

so what do you all believers of gods says and what all religions says about islam and allah and imam hussain genie and other genies of islam who did sin and comes inside me so I am declared as sinner.

i was killed forever and nobody resurrected me so do you believe god exist ?

god is very beautiful then anyone and I can challenge it if I didnt took action by myself I had be better die even after believing in god.

trust me if you dont believe in yourself and believe in god and say god will help you then you are wrong because all religions believes god power works only when god is true.

i am lucky beautiful god who is beautiful for my family and my genies.

hope everybody comes to know truth and keep remembering truth to fake religions gods what is truth.

hope to have beautiful journey to all religions gods whose power works on truth.

Your New God Forever Of All Times.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jun 25, 2017

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