Is sweetened/flavoured yoghurt safe for anal masturbation.?

I'm a girl and I know that it will give me a yeast infection vaginally but is it the same in the ass? I just want to know because I have fantasies that involve fake cum and I'm young so I won't be ordering fake cum off amazon..
Asked Jun 25, 2017
Edited Jun 25, 2017
Why would u be shoving yogurt up your ass
How old r u
Answered Jun 25, 2017
14, so that sort of thing is my only option
I love making girls cum have u ever had oral done on u
meme123 Jun 25, 2017
I'm a virgin, but I'm not sending nudes so don't ask ^-^;
I just wont to make u squirt cum
Love making girls feel like flawless goddess
Tongue does NOT hurt at all just sit on face and fly
meme123 Jun 25, 2017
Great! Hop on a plane to Ireland and ill just give you my address whilst my parents are home in a small house, great plan right? Its also against the law XD

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