How to deal with my older sister-bully?

My older sister is a bully and she is nasty to me. I can't escape it. I tried talking to my parents but they think it is just sibling rivalry. She hurts me both phisicaly and mentally and I can't take it anymore. I'm always miserable and I've lost my appetite. I can't escape from her because she is my sister and I live with her. I have tried everything. Reverse scicology, ignoring her, and fighting back. All of these things make it much worse. I don't know what to do. She is 14 and I am 12. We are both girls. Please help me.
Asked Jun 22, 2017
It sounds like she needs a severe fuck in the ass
Makeing her scream and releasing stress
meme123 Jul 10, 2017
talk to another adult you can trust like a teacher they should be able to help you but if it gets really bad to a point where your life's in danger and no one is helping you phone the police or social services
Answered Jul 09, 2017

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