I witness to my god I am married to torah wives and jewish wives and god family?

i witness to my god I am married to torah wives and jewish wives and god family and western wailing wall family and I asked them to marry me and born kids with me.

even if I say I didnt call them or asked anyone to come to me then please ignore it because there are few hindu genies and muslim genies and christian genies who is accepting my wishes forcely on few words or few sentence without listening to complete sentence and understanding.

i even can non believers and anyone I have called but please if anyone puts a genie court or any other thing from world of god then please take immediate action.

my mind is put in prison to finish jewish religion and torah family and I am sure torah family will read me in any time and take action.

hindus and muslims and christians has put there genies inside my head to control me and they are not taking out genies from my head who are like robots and I want them to be removed immediately.

i hope my god will hear me and help me.

i love hashem and torah family and jewish family and if anything mistake happened by me please forgive me and please take action immediately against my enemies who are inside my head forcing to accept wishes on few words of understanding and thinking where I talk to myself and just think and dont tell it to anyone.

if anyone understands or thinks I talked to them without seeing them then they are at mistake.

Thankyou god for helping me.

Your Believer.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jun 15, 2017
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