Am I doing the right thing?

So I've dated this girl for 2 years and 2 months. She suffers from bi polar disorder, anxiety, and depression. The reason she's this way is because she's been through a lot. I love her and I know she loves me too. We have attempted to make a baby but it didn't work. We talked about marriage and getting an apartment. But we argued all the time, kept coming back to each other after we had a 2-9 hour breakup. Lately the break ups have been getting longer. Like a week. We have broken up 3 times since march. I have been through hell n back with this girl. But she always treats other people who she talks shit about to ME. But when she sees them she all nice and excited to see them. But when we are alone she acts like she doesn't want me to be here. But then she will come back and act like she loves me and talks about getting an apartment together. I don't get it? The. lately she has been posting pics of this guy on Snapchat at her job....he has a girlfriend. And I confronted her about it and asked her does she like him. She said "I have feelings for the guy". But she said not relationship feelings. She also said she doesn't have relationship feelings for me either. She told me but I'll always care about you. She said she wants to be single and do her own thing. But she'll treat me like she still likes me in a boyfriend type way. We also talked about being each other side buddies. But now she's been ignoring me and hasn't been hitting me up, I think she likes the boy at her job or someone has her attention...but when confronted she says no she's not talking to anybody. 2 days ago she was telling her mom how she wanted to get an apartment and be roommates with me. I told her yes. What should I do????
Asked May 18, 2017
it sounds like this girl is very confusing. if you really like her try to win her over. if your heart say no then you say no
Answered May 30, 2017

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