Could I be pregnant if my period is abnormal

could I be pregnant if my period is abnormal? I ask because my period is very unusual this month, first im 5 days late, then I was spotting, then gradually over night it turned into a medium flow, which is un normal for me. I usually I start off being heavy then light and for some reason this month is different. I have had unprotected sex on my fertile days but other than that nothing has changed. I am very worried that something could be wrong. Please help...
Asked May 08, 2017
Edited May 08, 2017
Hi,friend !

Have you done any examination ? I thought a gyne checkup is neccessory and you can also give herbs medicine like fuyan pills a shot ,it can regular your period and promot blood circulation naturally without any side effects.
Answered Apr 03, 2018
According to Ayurveda, gynaecology disorders are divided into two areas, ‘Stree Rogam’ and ‘Prasuti Tantra’. ‘Stree Rogam’ is a science of Ayurveda catering to various women health disorders and ‘Prasuti Tantra’ is an ancient science catering to pregnancy-related issues.

Some of the most common types of gynaecology health issues are:

> Uterine Bleeding
> Early menopause
> Amenorrhoea
> Impotency
> Pelvic Varicosities
> Endometritis
> Oligomenorrhoea
> Vaginal Infection
> Uterine Fibroids
> Hormonal Imbalances
> Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
> Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases
> Gynaecological Disorder
> Know the Causes of Gynaecology Disorders

Some of the most common causes of gynaecology disorders include:

> Sexual abuse
> Injury
> Early puberty
> Vaginal irritation
> Blood clot
> Hormonal imbalance
> Tubal pregnancy
> Birth control pills
> Use of Intrauterine device
> Cancer
> Weak pelvic area
> Improper food and lifestyle
> Excessive sweating

To get the best course of treatment, we at Parijatak, a renowned Ayurvedic centre with the best gynaecologist doctor provide you with the best of our services with assurance and optimism.

Answered Sep 13, 2019

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