My dog is biting her feet and I dont know why?

My dog is a 10 year old west highland terror she keeps biting her feet to the point where it is scaping now she has never done this before I put savalon on her feet and after she pooed on my floor I dont know it it was because I scared her does anyone know why my dog is biting her feet
Asked Apr 28, 2017
Potential Causes of Paw Biting. Allergic reactions are 1 reason a dog might bite his paws. Animals, like people, can get contact dermatitis, an irritation on the skin that results from contact with chemicals such as soap or pesticides. Dogs may also have allergic reactions to ingredients in their food. But It can maybe change their habits by providing toys for them & you can buy it from Nandog Pet Gear.
Answered Dec 14, 2018

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