Please help me identify this Western

I'm trying to identify a Western that I watched over 40 years ago. I can only remember two details clearly and they are tiny but very distinctive. The hero character was riding with a wagon train but I don't think he started out with them. They were under attack by indians and he was shot in the lower leg or foot. He was pushed under one of the wagons for his own protection and here is detail number one - he unhooked the wooden bucket off the wagon and put it over his foot to protect it. I remember thinking that this was really funny. As the wagon train continued on its journey he was put in the back of a wagon but overheard another man trying to cosy up to the woman he had taken a shine too (she may have treated his injury) so managed to get himself back on his horse with considerable difficulty so that he could ride up alongside her and be sure she wasn't swayed by the other man's attention - this is the second detail I can definitely remember. I think the indians attacked several times and they lost a wagon or two each time. And I'm afraid that is it. I think I watched it in colour but can't bet my hat on that and I'm guessing it was made in the late 1950s or early 1960's. It was likely a B movie, but I don't think it was a spaghetti western. Please help me to identify it as it has been driving me mad for years!
Asked Apr 28, 2017

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