Marriage in same village and same surname

This is ​Garry​ im from Punjab, Now I was in London Since 12 year, im British Citizens since few years, And my Girlfriend she born in England and her dad born same my village but those guys doesn't live anymore there , Her Uncle Auntie all live England they doesn't want to go Punjab anymore , But her mum she is often visit at our village because her sister also married in same Village. Now problem is this her mum think all village boys and girls are brother sisters. And my girlfriend she didn't born in that village , and she said even in Guru Granth Sahib didn't write anything about this , She believe this is just following problem maybe since 100 years ago when very small village and like 15 to 20 house in one village those are family village, If we comparing all these like what we doing in 100 years back its gonna hard to live. We check our 4th Generation we are not connected , Even now I was this is all bullshit, I know whats going in every village all have gf bf in same village , but behind the curtain and all peoples but quit , and village bhabi they also have relationship with next door guy. Then whats wrong if are accept our relationship openly and say we want to marry. Please help me out gave me your suggestion
Asked Apr 21, 2017
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Answered Mar 21, 2018
No matter how old you are, family history is important. While you might not think so at the time, as you get older there will be things you and your grandchildren will want to know. Most of us don't realize it until the older generations are gone and you can't replace first hand comments. Don't just put in about the good times, add in the harder times and how you overcame those trials. Another thing to remember is what caused the deaths of those you loved. There are many things that have been found to continue into future generations that knowing it runs in the family can be helped with now or possible in the future. prevention starts with knowing where to start. I wish someone had taken the time to write these things down for mew to be able to go back to. My Grandmother and my mother told us many stories of what things happened in their lives and about the people in their lives. I now wish someone had written those things down since both have passed now. But I never thought at that busy point in my life that I would one day want to remember all those things. So much family history is lost when the older generations are gone. Please pass it on to your family while you can. You can even just do it digitally so it can be accessed by family later on.Family pictures are something to cherish also. Just be sure to write down who is pictured in them, where they are taken and when. I have found family pictures that no one now even knows who is in them.
Answered Feb 02, 2019
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Answered Mar 16, 2019

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