All religions gods has been proved lie by me who is last of torah and there knowledge is lie proved.

all religions gods says that human sins on there own and even sent holy books which forgives sins of others and blesses others and religions god believes there knowledge is true since a long time in the history and they even showed miracles that they are true.

now let me telk you what is truth.

Genies make time of humans in advance upon there thinking which is memory or dream for them and on bad thinking genies make time bad of humans by either putting genies inside humans or making there time for human to be proved bad because he think bad.

if human thinks bad then he thinks bad because some genie keeps something in there mind and human sees it and it looks bad for human because genie keeps that something in there mind and shows its bad so human thinks bad and time of human in advance is changed.

If any genie puts a court against any human or anyone and if human or anyone doesnt knows that some genie has put courts against them then what genie has put court against human or anyone do and they never find out if they did something why they did it.

Another is if any genie has been put with genies inside them and if genies doesnt knows genies are inside them then what genies force genie to do genie will do that and genie can even go against any gods who doesnt knows genies are inside them then other genies can even play remember game by remembering gods how genie went against gods and gods will not found out truth and god genies will not found out truth and punish genie who went against god. Gods will simply believe a genie went against him and punishment must be given to genie.

Knowledge of all religions god are lie and wrong only because they believed in fake truth and every gods knows any truth can give victory to anyone so even one genie can prove truth to any genie or anyone they are true then them and time of that genie is taken and religion god automatically changes on knowing truth or because of time he come to know and according to time he controls his religion.

There is no such truth in the universe because if any truth then any truth is happened then any genies wins from them and time is changed. Except original god nobody is true who is originally original god who has not become original god by taking fate from anyone.

That is why religions god dies when they are proven wrong and there genies forces someone to be wrong or force someone to sin from whom they have been proved wrong or lie so they can prove truth to the world that they are true and by getting believe from everyone stays alive.

If genies doesnt proves they are true then they lost time and death can even come to them that is why genies and religions god proves everytime upon on any thinking of truth or truth they are true then them and if they did not prove they are true then there time is changed and there religion can even finish from any truth.

All religions god believed in fake truth and because there was no truth then them proved by anyone they even sees past and future in same time by believing they are true.

Every religions god believed everything is a genie which is seen or heard and god is like this and believed they are in dream and they never know about unseen that unseen is not genie.

now all religions god and there holy books are proven wrong so what must be done you decide and take action because practically test what I proved here and make sure fabrication of anything is not done on me or someone to prove I am wrong and nobody is showing you that you are wrong by keeping what you are checking in there mind from my body or my head or anyone body or anyone head.

I am beautiful truth and last of torah forever and original torah as last of torah is original torah.

Hope you like my beautiful truth please share with every genie, soul, shadows, dead sleeping, whatever all others and etc.
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Asked Apr 15, 2017

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