How anyone sees future from there time by believing one god is true when one god is lie

is real one god of all times true or lie ? original god ahmed proof who sees future and past from all the times.

those who are in past and future or anywhere who believes one original god is not lie and not wrong and only true so do you believe from past which is old for future and see future from past which is happening to you at the moment which means past is also running and future is also running in the same time and you believe its dream and by believing in one real god as true you visit and see future. But how is this possible when one real god is lie since his beginning how can you see future happening in your time because by believing in one real god as true you came in future which has not happened for you but you are seeing the future as it is happening so when you believe in one real god who is lie how can you go and see future at the moment in past where you are not alive. now let me prove you how one real god is lie, the world runs by genies and whenever any genie time was changed because of human he does fabrication on human and human sins or do anything because of that genie and when any genie comes and ask human did you sin if human sinned as human doesnt know genie is controlling human then human will say I sinned so one real god believed human sinned and punishes and ends his life and says I will not let you enter into my heaven or whatever. and if any genie wants to win from any human who have genies then he might do fabrication on human and win from human by cheating and human genies will believe there master is wrong when other genie wins from them and time is changed, I mean when one real god is not true how can you go in past and future and how can same time of past and current and future runs at the same time for all believers of god who believes one real god is never lie and true when he is lie. now let me tell you every creation of god and even one real god have evil thoughts so if any human who has not seen god and goes against god then god believers who are genies doesnt even check why human has went against god and automatically one real god and his genies becomes against human and force him to sin and make his life bad. Truth cannot just have evil thoughts since 4.5 billion years on planet earth. I really want to know if hitler and her wife sees what is happening in there future from there happening time which is past for them then how they are seeing it by just believing in fake truth that real one god is true.
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Asked Apr 10, 2017

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