What can be done regarding this retail store purchase?

I needed a quick jacket, so I ran to the store and snagged a jacket that had pants included! But the pants didn't fit. So I leave the pants where they were.

I seriously did not want those pants. They looked so horrible and the thought of the pants themselves just kind of made me mad. I didn't even touch them they were inside the jacket on the hanger. I left the hanger there and took the jacket to the counter because I liked it and it got the point across (it's a suit jacket).

TLDR the cashier said where are the pants. I said I left them there. She got mad and scolded me over leaving them behind. I said it's ok I don't need them, I will pay full price and the store can just keep them donate whatever I don't care about the pants! At this point I just wanted the jacket and to leave. I had to grab a quick jacket after all and the pants themselves were going to make me late.

The cashier acts like this is some sort of taboo or something and she's like ok.. let me go ask the manager. It's too late to leave, I've found what I need and it's time to go. I left $50 on the counter and left. The jacket/whatever suit was $39.99. I am in Texas. I am on the way to work and I get pulled over!!! They say I left the point of purchase or whatever. I left the money on the counter. But the store told the police they weren't sure what was going on and notified security for shoplifting but once the police are talking to me acknowledge the money and didn't even give me any change once I'm back.

I got to leave and I was late. It ruined my day. And it was all because of some pants. I seriously think she was mad I didn't want the pants. I dont want to name the store, I contacted corporate, but I just have to ask what you would do. I face no charges and have the jacket. (not the pants!!) It just was unfair over some pants.

The police were very nice and just doing their job and laughed but I just wanted to say not on them at all.
Asked Apr 07, 2017
Edited Apr 07, 2017

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