Does this proposed method for mild sedation produce pain relieving effects during surgery?

I have been taking 8mg of Suboxone for the past four months. I am having minor surgery next week. The usual method for sedation during this procedure(IV fentanyl with IV versed) had to be adjusted due to the properties of Suboxone. I have been advised to increase my dose the day of the procedure and IV versed alone will be given. I was told the interaction of these two meds together will produce a similar effect as to what the fentanyl is used for. I expressed my concern in not believing this would work because of my developed tolerance to Suboxone. I was still assured upping the dose the day of, along with the versed, will still relieve pain and make me comfortable. Will using these mess together really relieve most pain and make the procedure tolerable?
Asked Apr 07, 2017

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