Sociological theory hw, defining quotes

Hello Im having trouble with explaining each quote in the set in full, using an original, concrete example or an example utilized by the theorist himself, using Alexander’s model to conceptualize and explain each quote theoretically, and comparing and contrasting the two quotes/ Theoretical models.
Any help would be great thank you

SET C: Durkheim and Weber
“Thus there is something eternal in religion which is destined to survive all the particular symbols in which religious thought has successively enveloped itself. There can be no society which does not feel the need of upholding and reaffirming at regular intervals the collective sentiments and the collective ideas which make its unity and personality”
“The Puritan wanted to work in a calling; we are forced to do so. For when asceticism was carried out of monastic cells into everyday life, and began to dominate worldly morality, it did its part in building the tremendous cosmos of the modern economic order. This order is now bound to the technical and economic conditions of machine production which today determine the lives of all the individuals who are born into this mechanism, not only those directly concerned with economic acquisition, with irresistible force”
Asked Apr 04, 2017

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