Living alone: Is this realistic?

Hi! I have a question, but before that I'd like to give you some background about myself (because you care and I'm such a special and unique snowflake lol).

I am a 23 year old male living in the United States of America. I am the oldest male child in a family consisting of my mother, stepfather, brother, sister and myself whom I live with. I am currently unemployed with no money, no debts, no degree, no friends and no intimacy (virgin).
I do not desire friendship or romantic relationship. Specific sexual interests/fetishes will keep me celibate forever which doesn’t bother me. I have strong outward morals (they go out the window in my realm of imagination). I like to use parentheses a lot (sometimes inappropriately). I enjoy watching lunatics on both sides of the political spectrum act like
complete morons (mainly Libs). I enjoy a lot of harsh music such as early industrial/industrial metal which I find a bit sadistic (not a sadist) and fetishy: skinny puppy, kmfdm, velvet acid christ, combichrist, wumpscut, etc. The only things I’m addicted to are Youtube and nicotine. I love myself and my family. I love beautiful panoramic scenery. I love staying up until the moon goes down. I love stroking and playing with cute furry animals and I love taking care of children (don’t misinterpret that). I do not hate anything or anyone. I accept every little
thing willed into existence and comprehension. I have been admitted to mental institutions several times for some pretty serious suicide attempts. I have since decided to love myself and live myself and to accept and embrace what makes me me. No medication and no therapy. I do believe this is starting to look like an awkward dating profile intro… Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a victim. I’m not complaining about anything and I happen to love life and living. I’ve only ever felt bad about myself when societal normalcy is imposed on my thoughts and
preferences for a happy life.

I have a few goals in life. 1: To live alone in a small extremely low rent apartment (some for 200 a month in my area) with my internet, my computer, my music/guitar, and my sex toys. 2: To minimize my interactions with society to almost none. 3: To earn all of my money online (or at least find a job allowing for minimal to no human interaction). ← examples are very welcome.

Anyways none of that was important. I guess I felt the need to give you a bit of insight into who I am; maybe some bias as well. Here is my question: Is there any way I can make between 25 and 50 dollars a week utilizing the internet and are the goals I listed realistic (not
conventional or approved of by you. Just realistic)? Keep in mind I would be living in town and wouldn’t own a car. Expenses would include food, rent, possibly utilities, very few frivolous items, health checkups/medical coverage and, being a bit naive, I cant think of much else. Ideas on changes in lifestyle are irrelevant but welcome. Examples of practical
online money making tools/sites or low social interaction jobs are relevant and very much appreciated. Thanks.
Asked Mar 30, 2017

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