What personality disorder is this?

My Boyfriends Mother asks me if I m still doing laundry, I say yeah but not much left. I go to put my towels in the dryer and she said she took them out and put them in the hamper. I'm thinking why wouldn't you put the dry towels in the hamper and wet ones in the dryer...shes done this to me before with my clothes. She will buy me things cause she thought of me and then will have an attitude the next week. We told her we want to get an apartment and shes totally on board gives us money for christmas says its for the apartment. Then a few days later we tell her we found a cool place and she goes its not a good idea and gives us an ultimatum of 5 yrs to save money and then move out, cause thats when shes going to sell the house. Her eldest son who turned 30 last yr and finally moved out with his fiance. She told us we could stay in the inlaw now that theyre gone. We start moving stuff down and she goes give it a week. A week turns into 3 so we move the stuff down. She flips her top and stomps up the stairs once she saw we moved stuff down. What is wrong with this lady?
Asked Mar 28, 2017
A personality disorder is a mental disorder, it is unhealthy pattern of thinking. A person with this perceive a people and relate to himself.

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Answered Dec 10, 2021
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Answered 8 days ago

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