My cat suddenly stopped pooping in his litterbox.

My cat, who is 9 months old, has never had problems with his litterbox. However recently, after I cleaned his box, instead of pooping in the box he does it right outside it, or about 10-20 inches away. I've not introduced any kind of new cat litter, the box is the same and the way I cleaned it is the same as usual. He still pees in the box just fine, it's just for the big business he has decided it's not good enough anymore.

Help, what do. Why?
Asked Mar 10, 2017
Hi. Thanks for helping me out with my question earlier. I may not have as good an answer as someone else, but I'm hoping this will do for now. I'm a cat owner as well, but I, personally, have never had this problem. From some research, I've found two reasons why this might happen:
1. This might be a bit obvious, but it could be medical issues. If this problem persists, I recommend taking your cat to the vet.
2. It could be something called "Furry Butt Syndrome". Some cats with long hair don’t like the feel of remnants sticking to their fur so they may try to resolve that issue by pooping elsewhere. A simple fix is to trim the fur around your kitty’s bottom and keep it nice and clean.

Hope this helps.
Answered Mar 11, 2017
maybe there is a scent about the box or litter he doesnt like. It could be the soap used to clean it. You see, cats have a very keen sense of smell. But like scotts20 said, it could be medical issues. I am a cat owner as well and this also has happened to me, but that was because my older cat pooped in my new kitten litterbox and the kitten didn't like his scent there so started pooping elsewhere.
Answered Mar 16, 2017

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