Did a power surge fry my laptop?

I have an HP Elitebook Workstation with Windows 10.

I was working on it when it suddenly shut off. It was plugged in (not through a surge protector) and had a charge of about 98% so it wasn't the battery that died. After that, it wouldn't turn on at all. I even tried a static discharge.

I decided to just leave it and take it to a repair shop later, but after several hours there was a sizzle-pop and a burnt smell, then it starting turning back on.
I unplugged it and pulled the battery out, because I was afraid it would catch fire.

My questions are:
1. Was this a power surge? I have never experienced it before.
2. Is it fixable and, if so, is it worth spending the money to fix or should I just discard it and get a new one?
Asked Mar 02, 2017
Edited Mar 02, 2017

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