I'm a 20yr Floridian girl who came back, but where should I go?

I just recently moved back to Fl from WY! And I need help finding a more different location! An area that.....
•is a city(not to big like Miami but not to small like Daytona)
•Close(as in a 1hr, or 1:45 away) to a college,beach & with fun things to do!! Like pro sports,college sports,bars, restaurants, random fun things like nude beaches etc....
•something with low crime rate, but I also don't wanna be surrounded by a bunch of little boys in flip flops & vans if you get my drift.
• & not such an expensive living (or I'll just have to get over it)
• A good/fun area to date (dateing is easy and could be done anywhere & you could find "your type" really anywhere too buttttt....) I'd like an area that it's dominate isn't really black & no I'm not racist by any means it's just not my taste & it's a bummer when that's a majority option. But also kinda like I described above, no petty, pretty & preppy white boys either. Men like famous examples MGK or G eazy.

(Have considered Tallahassee!! But would love more inputs and feedback!!) the more the merrier!!
Asked Jan 22, 2017

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