Could someone help explain my dream where I fall in love with my reflection?

Recently, I've come to accept the subconscious importance of dreams. Most of mine dreams are pretty straight forward, with the typical emotions of anxiety being associated with them, but that's usually as far as the emotions go. Last week though, I had a dream like I've never experienced before; not only with what I saw, but with how I felt.

I remember feeling like I was floating, then suddenly I was standing, and as I looked up, I was staring into a mirror. But, in my reflection I was a girl. First thing I noticed was that I had black hair, with glimmering gold streaks running through it. I was mesmerized with the gold and raised my hand up to touch it. Next, I noticed my lips. They had a purple lip-stick on, like a darker purple. This made me feel weird, because I'm not that kind of guy. lol. But, when I saw it, it made me feel...rebellious, would be the best way to put it. The most significant part was then, I looked into my eyes. The moment I did this, it felt like I fell into them. I was overwhelmed with this sensation of love; pure love.

There were no sexual desires, and I consciously knew that I was looking at myself. I'm not the most confident person in the world, but maybe something to do with having an ego? Like, I said, most of the emotions in my dreams are anxiety filled. I've never felt love in a dream before, nor have I dreamed I was a female. This by far is the weirdest dream I've ever had, and I can't help but think that it is significant in some way.
Asked Jan 19, 2017

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