I am pregnant with pain in my ribs on the right side, can you help?

I am 14 weeks pregnant and for the past two weeks I have been experiencing a stabbing pain on my right side right under my breast. Sometimes the pain moves to my side and to my back along my rib cage. When the pain is on my side or back it's a burning pain. It never last for more than a few minutes but it comes and goes a lot. It will hurt, let up for a second and then hurt again. It got super painful Sunday night and I went to the ER. After the blood blood work and X-rays came back good the doctor did a portable ultra sound on my gallbladder. He said he expected it to be gallstones or some sort of gallbladder issue. The ultra sound did show shading but he couldn't tell for sure what the issue was. He wrote me a scrip for Norco 5mg and some nausea meds and told me to call my doctor and make an appointment for a formal ultrasound. I called my doc and I go Monday for my gallbladder ultrasound. I waned to ask if anyone has experienced this? I have googled so many things. Some say it could just be gas but is that possible if it happens everyday and as often as it hurts me? What else could it be with my gallbladder if it's not stones? If this has happened to you what did your doctor do while you are pregnant? I don't want to have to keep taking pain meds but I don't want to hurt this bad either. Also the ER only wrote me a script for 10 pills therefore even if I was in severe pain once I run out idk what to do.
Please help!!? :/
Asked Jan 13, 2017

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