An abnormal teenager's problem and to concentrate on studies as a normal

I am a girl.My mother was 33 years old when I born. I have vision problem (congenital nystagmus and amblyopia ).Doctors told me my retina is damaged so it can not be cured and I am physically so weak .But I am good in drawing ,painting,I read many things, I write poems .I am not much intelligent(average) and I am from middle middle class family.My father doesn't like to give us money ......
Yeah I can tolerate all these problems but I can not tolerate my mother's behavior .She is selfish ,lazy ,her lack of love even for her children, her sloppiness.she makes fun of her own child's disabilities in front of the other people. When I was a kid I used to think that she is right and I am wrong but later I came to know that's not true.She is very arrogant, hypocrite, her thoughts are dirty ,she is over ambitious minded and jealousy .she always uses down market language .she tells me to work at home but as I told you I am really feeble so I get tired after some time and can not work then so she scolds me .At age of 14 , my one leg got fractured it pains yet .I told it to that doctor he said you may be feeling like that it is not paining in actual.But I am saying know it is really paining.My mother just want to get free of all her duties.If I don't work she curses me like only bad things will happen with you .you are mentally immature .
ok all of this will be true if she hates only me but she also hates my brother .sometimes she doesn't give food to both of us and she goes in slumberland .She just wants to be famous and is very hungry for money.I don't have much friends but I have a friend who is very understanding and telepathic I told her all things indirectly she understood all things ,she used to console me and may be yet loving me ..but we are not meeting now .I am 16 years old now and studying in 12th std I have my studies and all these things are affecting my studies I study in normal college.
please please try to understand me.don't give negative answers please I can not bear it.
Asked Jan 12, 2017

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