How to deal with this type of Bullying and how to help myself?

Alright well I have been being constantly bullied By these 2 kids in my 1st period class for being overweight over the past first half of the school year,and I have tried to stand up for myself Idk how many times it just doesnt work.And also whenever I try to avoid them they always find a way with their other group of friends to come and find ways to harrass me like for example my goal for the new year was to avoid them as much as possible but after I got back into school on the very 1st day back one of them came up and started harrassing me and asking stupid questions like "What did you get for christmas!?!? COAL!?!?!" and I just cant take it anymore.I have told my dad and he has went and talked to the school about it but nothing was ever done about it.Also this other kid named David keeps making fun of me and spreading lies about me to the whole class and im getting tired of it.The reason why people pick on me is probably because they see me as the Weak overweight kid who won't do anything about it.I really want to lose weight so bad so that I can show all of them that i'm not weak anymore and that im not gonna put up with them and also it will make those 2 kids stop making fun of me for being overweight,however I have tried losing weight 2 times: Halfway through the summer I went on a diet and I lost a couple of pounds but it really didnt work.Also recently at Night I have been practicing boxing and excerising but I dont think its really helping.I am planning on doing it soon but its gonna take awhile thats for sure.Any Advice?
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Asked Jan 11, 2017
Edited Jan 11, 2017

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To be honest, a teacher should be able to do something about it but it seems to look like they don't give a toss about you. (Not in a bad way towards you) I think, you should still tell another teacher about this, and say that ," My dad has already spoken to someone and this is not being dealt with, well I think it isn't being felt with." I'm sure from there, it would have been taken care of. If you want to lose weight, try to minimise the portion of food you have. (I'm not saying don't eat, I'm saying eat what you like in a reasonable portion). I feel sorry for you because I've been bullied and I cried myself to the teacher and that worked out. It doesn't matter if your are overweight, I'm not telling or agreeing to you. I'm just helping. You do what feels right.
Answered Jan 11, 2017

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