Grade 9 marks

I am in grade 9 and at this moment my marks for my courses range from 85-65. I really want to improve my mark a lot and exams are coming so I thought it would be a good way to boost up my mark. I have been studying hard but then today at school one of my teachers said that exams barely do anything to improve your mark. He said that if your mark is a 80 it will most likely stay an 80. And I was very disappointed because I really want to improve my mark. I don t even feel like studying. Is that true? My exams are worth 30% of my final grade and I want to get atleast 85 and above. I have another question. I have always wanted to be a doctor. Will universities look at my grade 9 mark? I don t want them to because my marks are not 90s. Also I might go to USA and study there (I live in Canada) will my grade 9 marks affect me from going to university there? Sorry it s a lot. I know I am worrying to much especially at this time but feel really sad and I really want to follow my dreams.
Asked Jan 09, 2017
Edited Jan 09, 2017

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