Free Snake Food

I would like to be food for someone's pet snake. It has been a dream for so long ,and I hope to find someone that can make it a reality. I will do anything to be your snake's food! I'm SERIOUS about this! I want to benefit your snake and make myself useful. I wish to be eaten alive. I want to feel what it's like to be eaten by a snake; all the way to the point of no return. I want to be digested! You can even film if you want. I wish for this to be in the US.
I can't wait to be eaten!!
Asked Jan 05, 2017
Edited Jan 10, 2017

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I could get a snake.... I want free fertilizer which I could get by feeding people to it....
Answered Feb 27, 2017
I would suggest a reticulated python they get a good size to accomplish eating humans and aren't as aggressive as burmese pythons.
And I volunteer as tribute to be your new fertilizer :)
If u find someone please let me know would love get eaten also. Illinois here and yourself
Answered Apr 24, 2017

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