Is this considered trauma?

Okay so a couple months ago or so I had a serious drug use problem. The main drugs I was using were weed, some LSD, alcohol, and opiates all together. I didn't care about how I got drugs, as long as I got them it didn't matter, and as you can imagine that got me in a lot of trouble. Especially being on the streets.
I got really into using LSD at one point and I didn't know anyone to get LSD from so I bought them from homeless people I met on the streets. I had 3 different times where I had thought I was buying LSD but actually bought 25i-nbome. 25i-nbome is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS synthetic drug. The best way I can describe how 25inbome feels without getting into much detail is if you put mescaline, bath salts, and meth together into one drug. (To get a better understanding it would really help if you googled about 25inbome). I did not mean to take this drug at all and if I knew this was the drug I took I would have never gone anywhere near it.
The first time I took this drug I was laying in my bed. I remember experiencing an outrageous amount of fear while I was tripping, to the point where I was hysterically crying because of how terrified I was. I passed out at a certain point while tripping and I remember even though I passed out still continuing to have the most horrifying trip of my life. I don't want to go into much detail again because that would take years so I'm barely scraping the surface of what happened just to give you an idea. Once I got sober and realized what I took wasn't acid I broke down. I couldn't stop crying and thinking "how could I be so fucking stupid?" I couldnt stop thinking about how I knew the risks of what I was doing and just didnt care and it ended up backfiring. Mainly I was disgusted with the man who sold me it and I felt and still feel extremely embarassed from that experience.
The second time was very similar to the first with the fear and disgust but with lots more shame. I got sold 25i-nbome as LSD again, but I blame myself more because I shouldve known better from the first experience.
The third experience was the only one where I wasn't tripping in my bed. I was at a small party at a guy's house. I didn't know where the house was because I wasn't paying any attention when we were driving over nor did I know anyone at the party besides the person who came with me. I ended up being fine the first few hours of my trip, but then right after I had peaked I realized I was on 25inbome. This triggered me to panic, leaving my friend and running out the house at 3 in the morning. I ran to a table and chair outside a coffee shop. I had severe paranoia and fear happening at this time. I beleived at that time because of 25inbome that the man who had given me 25iNbome that night was chasing me with his other homeless friend and trying to rape me. I hallucinated and heard them chasing me and everything, it was terrifying. I then called 911 and had an ambulance take me to the hospital because I thought I was dying. When I was in the AMR to the ER they put an IV in me to get some fluids going through me. When I had looked up at my arm I thought I saw the EMT doing a full-on surgery on my arm. I thought I felt blood rushing down my arms and I thought I saw him cutting at my veins. Also, the pain on Nbome was excruciating. I can completely handle IV's but this was extremely painful on the drug. Anyway, I went into the hospital and while lying in the hospital bed I had thought that the people I was with at the party, including the guys I thought were trying to rape me, were outside my room trying to hurt me. I started panicking and crying because of fear again so the hospital doped me out with benzos to calm down. Those are a little bit about my experiences. I feel a great amount of shame, anxiety, and anger daily because of them. I just wanted to know for better understanding if this is considered trauma.
Asked Jan 03, 2017

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