I have problems that have been occurring and occurring more since the new year?

Ok well so basically what has been going on is,I am having to go through the fact that people who I thought were my friends arent,and I dont want to have to deal with them anymore because all it does is just make it harder on me.And everyday at school they keep on harrassing me and I hate having to go back on tuesday because im gonna have to deal with it all over again.Also,this boy who I have known for 4 Years,I am starting to think he doesnt want to be Friends with me anymore because I think he is lying to me about this girl who I like being mean to him so that he can have her all to himself and I know for a fact that hes lying because he claims she was racist to him and cussed to him out on the day before break but it isnt true because I was with him that whole day and it never happened plus that girl is nice and loving and caring and I know for a fact she would never do something that aweful.Nothing just seems to be going right for me anymore and I hate having to lose friends but its best to start avoiding them since they are nothing but troublemakers and bullies.Also I quit being friends with this one guy who I had been friends with since elementery school and I hadnt seen him since then but just this past year I was able to get back in contact with him but I wish I wouldnt have now because he has changed and is nothing like he used to be: He lies,thinks hes better than everyone,he cyberbullies people,And he refuses to be people's friends if they get mad at him and come to apologize he wont even be their friend anymore,and he gets relationships which makes no sense because he isnt even nice.He also is involved with this group of Fake People Or Catfishers online and I tried to tell him that they are fake and he shouldnt trust them but it does no good because he acts like their real which leads me to believe either he is behind it or he knows who they really are.An example of when he lied to me is one time he said that he could set me up with girls and stuff that he knows but then like a month later when I ask if he knows any girls he could set me up with he says "idk" and then on top of that sometimes when I ask if he could set me up with someone specific he says I got it and that I could do it myself but he knows I am bad with relationships because I have never in my whole life had a Girlfriend.I just wish I had a group of Friends who would do stuff with me,who would believe in me,That I could tell stuff to,and that I could hang out with thats all I really want in My Life besides a Relationship.I am just hoping that this year gets better for me.
Asked Jan 02, 2017

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