If you use hair removal cream/pluck upper lip hair do you have to for the rest of your life?

I'll try to make this short. You don't really have to read the top paragraph about what happened.

. One day I stupidly shaved my upper lip (in last 1 month or slightly more)
. Felt stubbly so never did again
. Bought some hair removing cream (any good suggestions)
. Used it and didn't get rid of all the hair
. Hair in corners of lip still remained (how to get rid of them at home please)
. Tried another but reacted and got pink/red mark by lip (how to get rid of)

So those are the basic details. I have school in 3-4 days and I have pretty bad anxiety and am absolutely terrified somebody will point something out, nobody did before but that was before I did so much stuff to such a little thing 😭😭.

Few questions:

. Will a manual epilator remove upper lip hair (manual epilator is basically a spring that traps hair and pulls out from the root)
. Will a manual epilator give me stubble
. When hair grows back after using manual epilator will I be able to remove very very short hair before it gets noticeable
. Any good hair removal creams or products available on website in England (at home, not waxing threading or shaving)
. How to get rid of hair in corners of lip, maybe tweezing but something else could do
. Can regular tweezers get very very small hairs that may even be stubble (caused by hair removing cream)

Please give as many details as possible. Thanks :)
By the way I didn't see any subject my question/s fitted into
Asked Dec 29, 2016

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