I am 12 and i'm worried about my weight its 91 lbs what can I do to lose some more weight

I'm worried plz help me lose weight
Asked Dec 27, 2016
You are underweight in my opinion. Please do not try to lose weight! It is very dangerous. I have an eating disorder, trust me, I’d know. Please be safe and promise me you will try to learn to love yourself the way you are? 91 lbs is totally acceptable at age 12, my little sister is 11 and weighs about 110 I think? And she’s super tiny. Please stay safe xx
Answered Dec 04, 2017
You are actually light for your age. I have some friends that are 10 that way over 125 pounds. You are perfectly fine sweets. But if it really concerns you, you can just work out and not eat so much junk food. Hope this helps you love.
Answered Jan 30, 2017
you're extremely underweight. do not try to lose more weight
Answered Jan 30, 2017
You're perfectly fine, I promise that. A beautiful body doesn't matter, a beautiful personality matters.
Answered Jan 31, 2017
Do not change a thing 4.11 91 pounds
Sound sexy tiny delicious to me
Answered Dec 27, 2016

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