What are the advantages of microsoft cloud services?

Asked Dec 26, 2016
Get IT flexibility with a truly consistent hybrid cloud
Protect your business with the most trusted cloud
Easily implement ready-to-use IoT
Power decisions and apps with unmatched intelligence
Expand globally with more regions than any other cloud provider
Build and extend on the leading cloud platform
Power your business apps with Azure
Move to the cloud with confidence
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Answered Dec 17, 2018
A number of....
Answered Dec 17, 2018
1. The ability to source IT services on-demand – as and when they are required – allows businesses to move to an investment model based on operational expenditure
2. Cloud computing provider is responsible for server, software and network management, in-house IT professionals can be allocated other work. No longer do they need to spend all day simply keeping the company’s PC fleet working properly
3. cloud services at their fingertips, employees can work from almost any location. They can access important files, data, documents and IT tools from a range of devices from almost any connected location.
4. An associated benefit of remote working capability is the fact that, in the event of a disaster, the continuity of operations should never be in doubt.
Answered Dec 21, 2018
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Answered Dec 21, 2018
Azure App Service is one of the common and most used services. While it is possible to immediately deploy apps, jobs etc., to the app service, a common factor that baffles decision makers is the wide spectrum of the tiers (options of plans) available in the marketspace. Impiger makes your way better with their incredible service. To know more,visit: https://www.impigertech.com/blog/azure-app-service/
Answered Feb 11, 2019
Azure offers a pay-as-you go payment plan that allows businesses to have better control over their IT budgets since they purchase only what they need. Using Azure to take advantage of SaaS applications also reduces the costs of infrastructure, maintenance, and management of your IT environment

Answered Feb 16, 2019
Azure app meet rigorous performance, scalability, security and compliance requirements while using a fully managed platform to perform infrastructure maintenance. Quickly create powerful cloud apps using a fully managed platform from Impiger technologies. Impiger provides amazing service. To know more, read this: https://www.impigertech.com/blog/azure-app-service/

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