Iv been unmotivated going to the gym lately.

For the last few months when I lift I just don't feel it and get tired fast. Iv been wanting to up my cardio, but after I lift I'm just dead. Iv been lifting for years and I'm pretty advanced at it but idk what to do. Iv thought about doing my cardio before I lift and sipping on BCAAs then hit the weights but I'm told I would be tired after that to lift? I would think I wouldn't? steady state cardio incline or stair stepper for 30 or 40 minutes then lift. I lift very heavy right now, no high reps so I'm done after. Iv thought about hitting every muscle one a week cardio ever day of the week tho so weights would be 3 to 4 days a week. Keep in mind Iv worked out a long time I'm thinking this will give my body a longer rest period of 4 days. Would this seem logical. To lift 3 days and hit every muscle once, cardio before then lift, I'd probably do low and high intensity cardio the rest of the week. I'm passed the I have to be the biggest guy in the gym. I really just want to be lean and ripped, more are so low body fat and healthy. I think my body is just exhausted from not enough rest from weights. I'm 21 male.
Asked Dec 23, 2016
Edited Dec 23, 2016

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