How do I become better at math when my math teacher doesn't explain things, or give needed info?

My teacher isn't a very good teacher. He's an online teacher, and he gives us lessons to read. There are a couple of problems with this.

1) he doesn't explain them thoroughly
2) Doesn't put needed information into the lessons.

So with these in mind, he is going to drop me from class if I don't get assignments turned in, instead of asking to see if I need help.

Anyone know how to help me???
Asked Dec 10, 2016
if your teacher isnt explaining it well enough either:
a. ask a friend who does know how to do it or a adult to teach u.
b. ask your gaurdian to let you do online school.
c. get a tutor.
Hope this helps :)
Answered Jan 31, 2019

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