Am I at fault?

I was just involved in an car accident yesterday, right now its looking like they are trying to put me at fault but it is an open investigation at this point and I do NOT feel at fault, So at a intersection I was turning left at a green light coming from the opposite direction from the cars across from me, Before making my turn I yield to make sure there was nothing coming, in doing so is when I realized the car in front of me coming my way was also making a left turn which would be a right looking from my way, This okayed me to go ahead and proceed in my left turn, As I go to make my turn a scooter comes flying around the car that is also waiting to turn, and in him coming around the right side if the vehicle we hit, I know only a little about driving laws but I know you are not permitted to pass on the right side if there is occupied parking and he do so, at thid point they are basing it off of witness reports which I won't recieve until tommorow, after tlkn with some ppl I feel more strongly that he was at fault for making a unlawful pass, he was also injured which makes it look more worse on my behalf BUT that also ties in the situation that I was in a car and he was on a scooter and also he was exceeding the speed limit but I cannot prove any of tht, Should I get a lawyer to fight it becuase im not willing to pay for his injuries and pain and suffering when I was not at fault. PLEASE SOMEONE give me insight on my situation at hand. Thank You
Asked Dec 09, 2016

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